Capitalise on scientific knowledge to improve employee well-being & organisational productivity

Why Evalua?

We provide expert solutions based on solid scientific knowledge that can be effectively implemented on both strategic and operational level. Our service leads to an excellent return on investment.

Doing things the Evalua way

Driving customer success, Performance and Respect – these are all integral to the way we do business. We always try to exceed the expectations. We take pride in our reliability. We get things done.

Research and Development

With our R&D activities we continuously strengthen our knowledge leadership position, and further improve our competitive edge in the personnel survey markets and in advising our clients about effective ways to enhance employee vitality, well-being, health and labour productivity.
We help our clients in improving labour productivity by enhancing vitality, well-being and health of their employees. They appreciate the depth of our research knowledge and smooth project implementation.
We calloborate with many insurance companies and occupational health care providers.
Finland: Simo Taimela +358 40 575 0757
NL: Willem van Mechelen +31 20 444 8410
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Organizational social capital, especially bonding, is a resource for employees' health, with meaningful business implications.
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The Evalua RADAR is now available also in Russian, Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian languages.

Evalua has proven to be a valuable partner for companies in providing information to support the management of well-being, health and work ability and equally in avoiding costs associated with ill health and work disability.

Jan SchugkChief Medical Officer, Confederation of Finnish Industries EK