Our experts

Simo Taimela


Dr.Simo Taimela (1963) is the founder and CEO of Evalua International and a co-founder and director in Evalua Nederland B.V. Simo has vast experience in assessing well-being and health of employees and advising companies thereof, combining his academic expertise with practical managerial experience. For example, Simo has been involved in designing the occupational health processes with major multinational clients.

Simo is a medical doctor (MD), PhD in sports medicine and eMBA. Currently Simo holds academic seats as an adjunct professor in epidemiology (Helsinki University), physiology (Kuopio University) and exercise physiology (Turku University). Simo has been working primarily outside the academia in different managerial positions since 1994.

Jaakko Tiekso


Dr. Jaakko Tiekso (1957) is the co-founder and Head of Technology of Evalua International. Jaakko has over 35 years’ experience on computing, statistical analyses, planning and developing software and operating information systems. His experience is specifically related to medical ICT environments and software.

Jaakko has a 20 years’ working background in Turku University in Finland and has thereafter been working in private international companies in different managerial positions related to ICT and R&D since 1998.

Willem van Mechelen


Prof. Willem van Mechelen (1952) is the co-founder and director of Evalua Nederland B.V. Willem has an extensive international network of contacts, experience and expertise through his research collaborations, board memberships of professional organisations, editorships, membership of grant and evaluation committees, conference presentations, honorary professorships, and through staff, postdoc and PhD-student exchange.

Willem is a board certified occupational physician and a registered epidemiologist. Currently, he is employed by the VUmc in Amsterdam as the professor of Occupational and Sports Medicine. He is the head of the Department of Public and Occupational Health of VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam (VUmc) and the co-director of the EMGO+ Institute for Health and Care Research. He is also the chairman of the Research Centre Body@Work TNO VUmc.

Han Anema


Prof. Han Anema (1964) is a senior advisor in Evalua Nederland B.V. Han has vast research experience on the effectiveness and cost-benefit of work disability prevention programmes and integrated care involving clinical and occupational healthcare. He has been involved in producing many national clinical guidelines and he is the editor of the recent ‘Handbook of Work Disability’ published by Springer. 

Han is both board certified occupational physician and insurance physician. He holds an appointment as professor regarding the academic development of occupational medicine and insurance medicine at VUmc. Han is also in charge of VUmc’s Academic Workplaces with UWV, Tata Steel and KLM Health Services.

Allard van der Beek


Prof. Allard van der Beek (1964) is a senior advisor in Evalua Nederland B.V. Allard has vast research experience on worksite health promotion, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of interventions, exposure assessment, and the aetiology of work-related musculoskeletal disorders and work stress.

Allard is a PhD in human movement sciences and a registered epidemiologist. He is holding a tenured position as professor of occupational epidemiology at VUmc. Allard is also the vice head of the Department of Public and Occupational Health and the co-director of the EMGO+ Institute's research program ‘Musculoskeletal Health’.